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New new toy this time

Posted in Uncategorized on May 29, 2009 by sosideways

So among all the “new” old toys that I had gotten lately, I also got some new stuff.

Czech it.


Taken with the FT2, 1/8 or 1/15 shutter speed at F2, with a +3 filter on a 50mm F2 Nikon lens.  BW400CN film.

That was a print scan, not the actual negative scan.

Will try to find the right AC adapter for the scanner so I can start scanning negatives.


New old gear Pt 2

Posted in Uncategorized on May 28, 2009 by sosideways

So my “new” lenses finally got here yesterday, and man, they’re b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!!

The 50mm F1.4 is pretty much immaculate and brand new looking.

The 24mm F2.8 is pretty damn clean too, but has a small ding on the filter ring.  Nothing a phone book, a wooden rod and a BFH can’t fix!


New old gear

Posted in Uncategorized on May 18, 2009 by sosideways

So my buddy Eric bought a lot of camera gear.  A lot, as in, a box of stuff, but I guess it had a lot of stuff in there, so…  yeah  hahahaha

Anyway, in it, was a Nikon Nikkormat FT2, with a 50mm f2 lens on it.

He knew I was in the market for some old gear, because if you had read about my rant here, then you would know that I’m not particularly fond of the auto stuff for cameras, which drove me back to the good ol’ 35mm old school stuffs.

So I got the camera from Eric, and here it is.


It didn’t come with a strap, I bought that strap off of ebay last week.

It was old school and matched the era that the camera was from, so I had to have it.

Just bought a 50mm f1.4 and a 24mm f2.8 lens from ebay.  Can’t wait for those to get here.

Just an eye cup and a case away from having some sweet gear =)

Oh, and whenever my dad gets a digital camera, I’m gonna get his Nikon FM2 as well.


Birthday dinner (not mine)

Posted in Food on May 18, 2009 by sosideways

So last Thursday we went out for a surprise dinner for one of my friends.



Pics of some friends across the table and next to us.

And here’s one of the birthday boy next to Krystal:


Happy birthday dude!

Here’s my food:


Tepenyaki shrimp.  So good.

Then we went over to Krystal’s mom’s afterwards and had some crepes.


More dogs

Posted in Food on May 14, 2009 by sosideways

Yesterday we were in the area of the hotdog stand again, so we went in there and got some different dogs to go.

Krystal got what I had the last time, which was the chili cheese dog w/ the fries on it.

I got what they called the “Yankee Dog”, which has New York onions, Swiss cheese, brown mustard, and a sprinkle of garlic powder on it.

Shit was off the hook.


Sucks that the buns got all soggy and nasty by the time we got those dogs home.

Next time we’ll eat the hotdogs there while it’s fresh.


Posted in Food on May 14, 2009 by sosideways

So like, last week, Krystal and I stopped by our favorite hotdog stand in town and got some hotdogs.

Here’s how mine came:


Fries on a chili cheese dog.

Raw chopped onion, chili, fries, and cheese melted on it.

So fucking good.

Here it is w/ the fries off of it.


Looks bad, but tastes oh so good.

We upgraded our hotdogs to the 1/4 lb dogs.

Here’s what Krystal got:


Her’s was just cheese and mushrooms and garlic.

Sounded weird, and I didn’t feel like trying her’s out because mine was so good.

Bubbly Piggy

Posted in Food on May 8, 2009 by sosideways

After the Blue Springs trip, we decided to head into Orlando to have some dinner before heading home for the day.


Lollicup taro milk tea w/ boba for Krystal and I.  She was chowing down her Chinese BBQ pork rice in the bg there.

Speaking of, here’s a pic of my “char-siu-fan”, aka the BBQ pork rice.


Fucking good.

I also ordered some clams in black bean sauce because we haven’t eaten from that restaurant in like 2 yrs, and we used to both get a plate of the BBQ pork rice with a plate of the clams.


The clams had crouching tigers and hidden fees within that pile of shells.

Used to be like $8 for the plate without rice.  Now it’s $13 and comes with an extra bowl of rice.

Highway robbery.

Oh well, it’s not like we eat there once or twice a week like we used to, more like once every 2 yrs it seems,  hahahahaha, so it’s all good.

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