Bubbly Piggy

After the Blue Springs trip, we decided to head into Orlando to have some dinner before heading home for the day.


Lollicup taro milk tea w/ boba for Krystal and I.  She was chowing down her Chinese BBQ pork rice in the bg there.

Speaking of, here’s a pic of my “char-siu-fan”, aka the BBQ pork rice.


Fucking good.

I also ordered some clams in black bean sauce because we haven’t eaten from that restaurant in like 2 yrs, and we used to both get a plate of the BBQ pork rice with a plate of the clams.


The clams had crouching tigers and hidden fees within that pile of shells.

Used to be like $8 for the plate without rice.  Now it’s $13 and comes with an extra bowl of rice.

Highway robbery.

Oh well, it’s not like we eat there once or twice a week like we used to, more like once every 2 yrs it seems,  hahahahaha, so it’s all good.


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