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Inspired by…

Posted in Cars on June 2, 2009 by sosideways

This was basically my inspiration to get an S13 back before I even got my car, circa 2000 when I first got this VHS.

Don’t forget to click on HQ for the video.

Break Ito.

Slammed kouki 180 hotness.

And yes, I followed the 3 finger rule for the sleepy eye for ages without even remembering it was from this clip that I got that idea from.

Going for less than 1 finger rule in the rear though 🙂

New Smoothie

Posted in Food on June 2, 2009 by sosideways

Tried out a new smoothie at the local smoothie/coffee shop.

This one’s called “the beast”.  Had pretty much every common fruit in it, with AJ being the main source of base.


Krystal got the good ol’ Florida Passion, where it’s just OJ, strawberry and banana.  She asked for some coconut to be added in there too though.

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