HOT damn…

Just checked the weather, cause it was way hot outside, to see what the temp is.   It says the heat index is 99 degrees.


Forgot to put the reflector things on the windshield last night, so of course when I got into the van just now to go to the bank and post office, it was like 200 degrees inside the van.

Turning on the AC to 1 so the R134a would get cold first, then put it on the highest fan setting of 4 just made it feel like a convection oven inside the van, blowing some hot air around.

I showered before I left, now I need another one.

Heat index 99 degrees, 2nd week of June.


2 Responses to “HOT damn…”

  1. It’s 53 right now. High was 66 today. Kind of chilly…

  2. think its like 70 here today

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