End of an Era

So for the better part of 10 years or so, I’ve had an Ibanez RG270 guitar that has been detuned to standard B tuning, with EMG 81 pickups in both the neck and bridge position.  I had a tech take out the middle single coil, and rewired it with a 3-way switch instead, and used a piece of vinyl to cover the single coil hole.

Ghetto, but from afar you can’t tell that there was a single coil hole there to begin with.

In any case, lately I’ve been searching for a heavier sound, and for whatever reason, the EMG 81s just weren’t cutting it for me anymore.

Before any of you say “well shit, just turn the bass knob up on your amp”, realize that you can only turn that knob up so far before it literally starts to “fart” at louder volumes.

And since lately I’ve been listening to Killswitch Engage and the new Dream Theater album called “Black Clouds and Silver Linings”, I decided to sell the EMG 81s to a friend of mine, so I can pursue another set of pickups, in search for the tone that I’ve been after.

I am still split between getting a pair of EMG 85s, a set of the Seymour Duncan Blackouts (the Blackout Neck for the neck, and Blackout Metal for the bridge, not just the regular Blackout Bridge version), or a set of the DiMarzio LiquiFire / Crunch Lab combo for the neck / bridge.

The guitar will also be retuned back to normal E tuning, after having been detuned for about 12 or 13 years, which is a huge deal for me.

Lately I just have been kind of over the whole detuned 6-string guitar deal, as 7-strings have become more affordable, and having the extra range of the 7th string is very nice, as well as the ability to retain the tension on the string, so no more “noodle string effect”.  For slight detuning, I’ve still got the 93 Les Paul Studio to do it with, as it has a fixed bridge, so detuning could be done much easier on that guitar instead.

Over the next few days, I will talk more about my gear and stuff, as the car has been down for so long, and I’ve been low on funds for so long, that I’m getting back into music and playing guitar, which was my main hobby/life before the car scene.


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