Les Paul Studio

img00198 20091015 1535

This is my 1993 Les Paul Studio.

IIRC it was the last year where Gibson actually made the LP Studio basically the real Les Paul with the exception of the bindings and the bling.  It has the same mahogany body and glued on neck as the real Les Paul, and it also has the more rounded neck that the older Les Pauls have, which makes it a real bargain.

I’ve put Schaller “Security Lock” strap locks on a black nylon Fender strap, but I am probably going to get another strap for this thing, as it’s quite heavy, and hurts my shoulders after having it on for like a half an hour.

The pickups on there are what came on the guitar, and same with the tuning machines.

The pick guard was removed before I got the guitar, which is fine by me because I would have taken it off too.

The strings on there are Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky strings, .009-.046 gauge.  Basically the top 3 strings are from a set of 9 gauge, and the bottom 3 are from a 10 gauge.

Currently the guitar’s tuned to the standard E tuning.  Don’t really have any plans to detune it.


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