The amp

Ok, so I’ve talked about one of my main guitars, let’s talk about the amp now.

img00201 20091016 1716

That would be a Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier combo amp, aka the Single Rectifier Rect-0-Verb.  This is the “Series-1″ version.

It is a 50 watt all tube amp, with built in reverb and a 12” Mesa spec’d Black Widow 90 watt speaker on it, so it gets pretty loud.

It’s got 2 channels: a clean (or rhythm) channel, and a lead channel.

The clean channel has 2 modes, clean and pushed, while the lead channel also have 2 modes, vintage and modern.

In the clean mode of the clean channel, the sound is pretty awesome, but if you have some high gain pickups, it will be tough to get a sparkling clean sound out of it.  In the pushed mode, it gives you a warm and smooth, dirty clean tone, good for blues type playing.

In the vintage mode of the lead channel, it gives you a bit more gain than the pushed mode on the clean channel, but if you want the most gain you can get out of this amp, you will have to use the modern mode.

The modern mode in the lead channel is the reason why people buy this amp, as it will give you the world renowned Mesa Boogie Rectifier distortion tone, and boy is it a glorious sound.

Another perk about this amp is that there is a “solo” boost, for when you need that extra boost in volume to cut through the rest of the band for those ripping guitar solos.  It is not a separate channel, as it retains all the tonal characteristics that you have dialed in via the separate gain, treble, mid, bass, and presence knobs of each channel, it simply just gives you an extra volume boost.

The reverb is adjusted via the back panel, where extra jacks are provided for FX loop in/out, as well as 4 ohm and 8 ohm speaker outs (2 4 ohm outs and 1 8 ohm out.  The combo speaker uses the 8 ohm out and is already hooked up from the factory).

There is also a foot switch that comes with this combo amp, with a button each for channel switching, reverb on or off, and solo boost on or off.  If you look through the back of the amp, on the cab to the left of the speaker, there is a pouch that’s there for the amp’s owner to put the foot switch in, either for storing or ease of transporting the amp.

From my experience with this amp, it is plenty loud for playing in a room by yourself as a practice amp, or simply jamming with another guitar player.  However, if you are jamming with a drummer, and you play heavy metal, this combo amp will not be able to cut through the drums without having to dial the gain back, and depending on how the tone knobs are dialed in, you might get some nasty tones out of an over worked speaker.

My advice is, if you want a killer metal tone and actually play with a full band, then at least get a Rectifier 4×12 cab to give yourself a little more headroom.  For anything else, get a 2×12 cab for the extra headroom, whether it be a Rectifier Cab or a Road King Cab, or whatever kind of cab that would suit your style better.

I will post about my Ibanez when I get it back.


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