Close… but no cigar

The fenders are pulled, but the car is still not road worthy yet.

Still have to tighten all the bolts in the back, then out front, I have to un-seize the coilovers and fix the ride height.

Then I have to mess with ride height.

And I’m debating whether to just go ahead and do the tie rods now so I can put the HICAS rack on, or wait on that.

It’s 34 degrees outside right now, and with the wind chill factor it’s supposed to be between 29 degrees to 32 degrees… but the car isn’t running, so….  FML.


2 Responses to “Close… but no cigar”

  1. it actually gets that cold in florida


  2. Yeah it’s pretty crazy.

    Wish my car was running though. Have a little fun in the turbo weather.

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