Project TwoForty – Front Suspension 99% Complete

So I went ahead and bought these guys from the PBM guys.

They’re 1mm thicker than the Tein ones, thus they will provide a little more angle for the drifters.  Teins in the front, PBM ones in the back.

Here’s how everything is on the car during the test fit.

The rod end wasn’t close to straight up and down on the tie rod end when it was screwed all the way in, so I ended up moving it out a little bit.  Nothing is tightened to spec yet, as this was just a test fitting session.

And here’s a picture to show how things look on a “stupid ricer fanboi drift lololololol kiddie”‘s car.

The ride height is basically with 215/40/17 tires out front, with the very top of the tire at the fenders, no fender gap.

I will be switching to 2350/40/17s later on this year once my bank account has had a few to recover from the tie rod end adventures and the slew of parts I had to buy to get the car back on the road, so the ride height will be increased a little bit from there as well.

That is with 2″ spacing between the FLCAs and knuckles and 2″ of spacing between the tie rod ends and knuckles.


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