Houston, we have a problem….

I figured out what the problem was.

It wasn’t because the spacers on the FLCAs binding on the bearing cup, it was because of how long the stock knuckles’ steering arms are, and the problem was compounded by the long spacing from the tie rod ends.

Basically, to push the knuckles OUT to turn the wheel into the wheel well (picture the passenger side suspension when you turn the steering wheel to the left), the tie rod has to push the steering arm on the knuckle out and BACK.  That’s right, BACK, because that arm is bent inwards stock, when you push it out, it goes through an arc that brings it back as well.

Here are a couple of pics to show you what I’m talking about.

Here are some pics of the other side.  Notice how much more angle this side has due to the bend in the stock knuckles’s steering arms already.

The rod end is actually getting caught up on that bracket on the FLCA where the end link would bolt up to.  I am going to try to put the brackets that come with the FLCAs that were supposed to be used as the steering stoppers on there, that way maybe the rod end will hit that bracket and then just slide over the the end link bracket, allowing me to get that last half an inch of space between the tie rod and the rack.

Yes, the tie rods aren’t even bottomed out on the rack yet.

Hopefully, someone can help me out with how to figure this out, because I really really REALLY need to get my car back on the road, and this is preventing me from buttoning everything back up in the front there…

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