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I’m not dead… I feeeeel fiiiiiine!!

Posted in Cars on July 27, 2010 by sosideways

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, the two of you that read this blog.

Have been extremely busy with live and playing the xbox 360 lately, first with Borderlands, then Modern Warfare 2, and the last couple of days have been Bad Company 2.  For my review of Bad Company 2, go here.

Anyway, the front suspension project for my 240 has required me to get some modified knuckles in order for me to get more angle out of it and not bind due to over centering, so I did just that.  I sent the knuckles out and had them modified.  I have not put them on the car yet, thus no feedback, but for the money and the work done to them, I cannot be happier.  I will name the individual that hooked me up upon having a bit more to write about them, as of right now I can only assume they’re awesome, and that’s not really enough for me to add praise of my own, nor enough for me to add to this individual’s credentials just yet.

I also picked up a set of GS rear lower control arms (RLCAs) from an acquaintance of mine; I have to put those on as well, and once they are put on, I should have all the roll center adjustment as I need, front and rear.

Now, the only challenge left is to find some time to work on the car and not die from the humidity and heat…

Sideways Review – Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Posted in Reviews with tags , , , on July 27, 2010 by sosideways

So I got Battlefied: Bad Company 2 on Sunday, started the first player campaign to get used to the controls at around like, 9pm, got stuck on one part at around 1am and was too tired to figure it out so I called it a night. Picked up where I left off last night at 6pm, and was done with the game at 6:45pm. Wow. What a short game.

I also didn’t like the controls for it. Felt really numb and slow compared to Modern Warfare 2. The programming for the controller stick would make it not do anything if you moved it a small amount, but once you went past a sort of threshold, it would start moving, which made it very hard to make small adjustments when you’re trying to snipe.

The knifing absolutely sucks on this game. It is absolutely garbage. The damage from the guns are also very unrealistic. How can I use a sniper and hit someone barely 10 meters in front of me, center mass on the chest, and only do 50 damage to them? Or the 20 meter head shot to this guy doing only 70 damage to them? I love how those guys get shot by me, turn around, and make a quick 3 round burst on me and I’m dead.

I played probably an hour total online last night, and I have never been so frustrated with an FPS type game that much, to where I almost threw my controller at the TV. MW2 can get frustrating at times, but it never gave me the level of frustration that I got from BC2. The game is non-intuitive, and very unrealistic in the damages. The controls are numb and non-linear, making it hard to aim at stuff with any kind of accuracy.

I think my best score in the team deathmatch last night was like, 7, but I died probably like 20 times or more. I couldn’t take the game anymore so I popped in MW2, jumped in a free-for-all with my Intervention + Rafficas class and immediately went like 18-10, with a best 4 kill streak. I’m not that good at MW2 yet, still getting used to aiming with the controller and all that, but it was an immediate improvement in game play for me, a much needed breath of fresh air.

To summarize, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for the xbox360 gets a 1 star out of 5 for me. I absolutely hated it. I might give it another try tonight just to see if I have a better experience after tweaking some stuff, but I highly doubt it, especially when the first headshot doesn’t kill someone for me.

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