I’m not dead… I feeeeel fiiiiiine!!

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, the two of you that read this blog.

Have been extremely busy with live and playing the xbox 360 lately, first with Borderlands, then Modern Warfare 2, and the last couple of days have been Bad Company 2.  For my review of Bad Company 2, go here.

Anyway, the front suspension project for my 240 has required me to get some modified knuckles in order for me to get more angle out of it and not bind due to over centering, so I did just that.  I sent the knuckles out and had them modified.  I have not put them on the car yet, thus no feedback, but for the money and the work done to them, I cannot be happier.  I will name the individual that hooked me up upon having a bit more to write about them, as of right now I can only assume they’re awesome, and that’s not really enough for me to add praise of my own, nor enough for me to add to this individual’s credentials just yet.

I also picked up a set of GS rear lower control arms (RLCAs) from an acquaintance of mine; I have to put those on as well, and once they are put on, I should have all the roll center adjustment as I need, front and rear.

Now, the only challenge left is to find some time to work on the car and not die from the humidity and heat…

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