Sideways Review – Battlefield: Bad Company 2

So I got Battlefied: Bad Company 2 on Sunday, started the first player campaign to get used to the controls at around like, 9pm, got stuck on one part at around 1am and was too tired to figure it out so I called it a night. Picked up where I left off last night at 6pm, and was done with the game at 6:45pm. Wow. What a short game.

I also didn’t like the controls for it. Felt really numb and slow compared to Modern Warfare 2. The programming for the controller stick would make it not do anything if you moved it a small amount, but once you went past a sort of threshold, it would start moving, which made it very hard to make small adjustments when you’re trying to snipe.

The knifing absolutely sucks on this game. It is absolutely garbage. The damage from the guns are also very unrealistic. How can I use a sniper and hit someone barely 10 meters in front of me, center mass on the chest, and only do 50 damage to them? Or the 20 meter head shot to this guy doing only 70 damage to them? I love how those guys get shot by me, turn around, and make a quick 3 round burst on me and I’m dead.

I played probably an hour total online last night, and I have never been so frustrated with an FPS type game that much, to where I almost threw my controller at the TV. MW2 can get frustrating at times, but it never gave me the level of frustration that I got from BC2. The game is non-intuitive, and very unrealistic in the damages. The controls are numb and non-linear, making it hard to aim at stuff with any kind of accuracy.

I think my best score in the team deathmatch last night was like, 7, but I died probably like 20 times or more. I couldn’t take the game anymore so I popped in MW2, jumped in a free-for-all with my Intervention + Rafficas class and immediately went like 18-10, with a best 4 kill streak. I’m not that good at MW2 yet, still getting used to aiming with the controller and all that, but it was an immediate improvement in game play for me, a much needed breath of fresh air.

To summarize, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for the xbox360 gets a 1 star out of 5 for me. I absolutely hated it. I might give it another try tonight just to see if I have a better experience after tweaking some stuff, but I highly doubt it, especially when the first headshot doesn’t kill someone for me.

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  2. Matthew Says:

    I was not a fan of BF2:BC either (though on PC). The “infantry” type combat is severely lacking, as you said the hit boxes are innacurate and sparatic, movement is not fluid, and gameplay is weak. I played my copy for maybe 5 hrs total and put it away. That is nothing compared to the time I have put into MW2 or Borderlands recently.

    I think it is because the Battlefield engine is designed for both infantry combat and vehicle combat, but doesn’t really excel at either.

    I will continue to rock Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer.

    -Matthew / Ducky

  3. I think you are correct Ducky.

    I went back last night, took a deep breath and took MW2 out of the 360 drive and put BC2 back in, and actually spent about an hour on it before I put it down and worked on the car for about another hour. Then after I got done working on the car and showered and stuff, I went back and played BC2 for another 2 hours or so.

    I absolutely hate the controls. You cannot turn around fast enough if you have the controller’s sensitivity at a manageable rate for when you’re scoped in, and you’ll be all over the place if you have the sensitivity high enough to where you’ll be satisfied with the rate at which you can turn around before scoping in.

    I shot a guy in the face for 30 damage last night.

    There was a guy running at me, I really should have pulled my pistol out to shoot him since he was really close, but I didn’t have time, so I just kept my T88 sniper rifle scoped in, turned and aimed at him, whom at this point is so close that all I could see was his chest. I shot him 5 times before he died. Even Krystal was like “wow, wtf?”

    It just baffles me that, if the developers for the game were so intent on making the game realistic, with bullet drop due to gravity and all that implemented, how can they be so naive when it comes to the damages of the weapons?

    The M24 is the most powerful and accurate sniper out of the first three that you can unlock, and yet, when you hit someone in the neck with the M24, it still isn’t a one shot kill. It did like, I think 40 damage or something ridiculously small to a person.

    This game is very unbalanced, all the way from their classes and weapons to their team pairing system.

    I was playing Team Deathmatch, and after a few rounds, I found myself in a squad by myself, while 2 other squads had 4 people each. The 3rd squad had 2 or 3 people, and I was by myself, which led to quite a few “spawn – dead; re-spawn – dead; repeat” situations.

    Lastly, I would like to also say that, because of the completely shitty mechanics of this game, it lends itself to a massive amount of campers. It’s almost to the point of, if you don’t camp, you don’t win.

    Every single round, this guy, baddadxxxx (xxxx = numbers that I cannot remember), would camp on the very outter skirt of that snow map, snuggled in between this tree and boulder, with an ammo refill pack right behind him.

    I got killed by him like, twice, thinking he was gonna move after he killed me. But no, he did not. So I went back up there and knifed him twice. After that, I think he got the message. He moved to another camping spot.

    I know the game promised faster game play and boasted that there would be a lot less campers on this game because every cover can be blown up… well, everyone still camps, and they just camp until either they get caught one time too many in their “secret hiding spot”, or they just move from one house to another once it blows up.


    So yeah, after playing it a little more last night, I am still extremely unsatisfied by this game. Unless I get to a point where my sniper bullets will actually do something other than be used to scratch other players’ mosquito bites, but instead will give me one hit kills, even if it hits their chest, then I will just stop playing this game completely.

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