I wish I was a baller.

Was reading the local forums this morning, and a particular comment was directed at me. Normally, these types of comments don’t phase me, or bother me in the least bit, but after reading the comment this morning, it made me take a step back and think.

In the last year… close to two years now, I have picked up a lot of other hobbies and pass-times that I have come to enjoy quite a bit, as the car was down and money was tight to get it back on the road.

With that said, I do have to say, the fire and drive that was under my ass to keep putting money and effort into the car has finally seemed to have fizzled to just a smoldering pile of ash.

I was never one to just do things half-assed, so I never would have went out to drift events with the car running at less than stellar conditions, and I am not about to do it now, but with the way the “scene” is nowadays, that seem to be considered a “douche” move.

Yes, apparently, I am a douche.

I’m sorry, but tires or whatever rubbing constantly, is not cool, is not functional, and is stupid. However, if nothing rubbed, then it sucks. Well, for the most part, nothing rubs on my car, I must be doing something wrong.

I’m also not going to dumpster dive and get some tires that will last 2 seconds out on the track, nor am I going to throw some stock S14 SE wheels on my car just to go out there and drift, because my car does not have 16″ sunken as fuck wheels on it every day. I’m not going to make my car look like a bag of wet dicks just to slide around.

I have standards, but apparently these standards make me a douche.

So no, I don’t think I have the time, energy, or money to keep putting into my car and keep getting shit on.

Seriously thinking about just parting out the car, taking the money and putting it down on a diesel 4×4 truck and buying a badass bow so I can go hunting and have a decent pile of money in my bank account instead.

7 Responses to “I wish I was a baller.”

  1. you’re not a giant douche.

    you’re a turd sandwhich

  2. keep car
    buy decent sized spares (MB generic wheels, etc)
    buy cheaper, decent tires to put on said wheels as well as VS-KF’s
    drift looking decent/good, but having fun

    Drifting isn’t all about looking perfect. a lot of it is just sliding, having fun with friends, and blowing up aero. I’m not one to care much about the damage my car takes, or looking my best (reason for the Rotas as spares), but this year I wanted seat time. I attended 3 events this year, which was more in a year than the total I’ve attended before. But I learned a lot; like having a reliable car is better than having a ‘baller’ car.

    I saw people sink money into a new chassis for the year, all expensive, baller parts. But have issues at every drift day. Over heating (taking 2-3 cool down laps for every good lap), smashing oil pans, and overall just not getting in much seat time because he had to ‘sort the car out’. Too much work to me.

    Anyway, just go and have fun. isn;t that the point of a hobby? the point of drifting in the first place?

  3. Oh trust me, I was gonna get a set of cheaper wheels and cheaper tires so I can go and slide all day without worrying. Problem is, I will never run a set of Rotas, or the MBs. There are wheels out there that also weigh a metric ton like them, but cost a lot less.

    As for being a baller? I ain’t one. I have some baller parts, but they shouldn’t affect the reliability of the car.

    Basically, I am still a little ways from being able to drift to my standards and “style”, if you will.

    Anyone that isn’t for it, well, tough shit, cause this is my car, not your’s.

  4. This post made me smile.

    Drifting is about style. People who think it’s not about style are the douches.

    Stay Strong.

  5. At the end of the day, this is your car and you decide what to do with it. I too have gotten to the point that I can’t go on any forums, because it’s like a fucking circus man. What’s “right”, what’s “wrong”. But in reality, there’s no “right” nor “wrong”. It’s all about what you decide to do with your money and your car.

    Build YOUR car to YOUR standards, fuck anybody else. Stay strong dude, this whole car shit isn’t even that important to crack one’s head over.

    Anybody can get a set of cheap ass wheels, with some Isis coilovers, slap all that awesomeness on their car, pay the entry fee to a local event and slide. And that’s fine! Because I’m 100% sure that whoever does that will have tons of fun. Because in it’s essence. Drifting IS fun.

    But others choose not to do that, idk if maybe I’m the only one, but I have an image in my head of what my car should look like, and that’s taking all my past experiences into consideration, all MY do’s and dont’s, and basically having one overall image of my car, and until my car doesn’t look like that….I’m not doing shit with it. No events, no street sliding. Nothing. Until it’s done to my standards and what I can afford.

    Keep your head up dude, you’re in too deep to give up on the car now.

  6. As others have said, do what makes you happy. Up in the Mid-Atlantic, the same stuff gets thrown around. Drifting is fun, but what defines how fun it is is a bit different for everyone; have yours and ignore what the others say.

    I wish I never sold my VS-KFs or either of my S-chassis’ (my E30 hasn’t made up for that… yet), so shine on, you crazy diamond.

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