Time Capsule

I’ve been looking for this issue of Super Street for the past…  3 years?  I knew I still had it, just didn’t know where it was.

Turns out it was in our storage unit, and since we had to clear it out, we went in there, and even under the circumstances in which this magazine, along with a few others, were subjected to, I was going to keep them, no matter what.

So here are a couple of “smaller” versions of the high res scans that I did, because either I suck at google searches or for whatever reason, this car only exists on the interwebz in small as hell 300×200 blurry pics.  If I am not crazy though, these will be the FIRST HIGH RES SCANS OF THIS ARTICLE AND THIS CAR.

What’s the big deal you ask?  Well, this is the car that finally got me to say “yes” to the 240sx and then doing the SR swap myself, along with all the Option videos that I had been watching non-stop, and also Initial D seasons 1 and 2.

Komatsu 1580, as we called it back in the day.  I jump in it.



4 Responses to “Time Capsule”

  1. I always thought that was an amazing color for a car

  2. Sexy Style Says:

    this is first Super Street magazine that i have ever bought and this is also what got me into 240s. Drifter X, that dude is too sick

  3. Thanks so much! I’ve had the same luck finding any hi res evidence that the guy that turned me to drifting existed at all. I’m glad I found this. Thanks again!

  4. Wow thanks for the scans. First saw this guy on Grip Video Vol 2, definitely one of the first vids that got me so interested in drifting.

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