Robin Hood, I ain’t

So I have been introduced to archery by my lovely wife, and after shooting her bow a few times, it was clear that I needed my own bow, because her bow is not set up for me, and thus I was very uncomfortable shooting it.

Yesterday I finally put a downpayment on my very own bow.


The 2011 Bowtech Assassin.

Here’s what it kinda looks like (not the exact bow I have, but it pretty much looks 100% like that).

I shot it a few times, and after settling down and actually tried to aim before I shot, I was able to put all 3 arrows (all the shop had for me to shoot at the time) in a tight grouping, good enough for the shop tech to pull out all three arrows with one hand.

All that needs to be done now is for him to set the sight for me, and the bow would be 100% ready!!!



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