Get Straight

I did a sort of informal string alignment last night on the 240, and found interesting facts.

The fronts were toed in like a mofo.

The rears were toed out like a mofo.

No wonder why my tires were getting pwnd.

In any case, I didn’t mark the center line of the car for an accurate string alignment because I would have needed the help of someone else to hold the measuring tape in place or hold a string in place so I could tape it to mark the center line or whatever.

So far, I got the fronts pretty close to zero toe, but I think it’s got a tiny bit of toe out, which is what I wanted anyway.  The rears are now close to zero toe, if not toed in very slightly.

I still have a little more work to do on it though, because it’s bouncing kinda weird… has a weird pitch and roll type feel, as if I’m on a boat being sloshed around by waves or something, and it didn’t feel like this before I changed the alignment, and every time I hit an expansion joint or something, both fronts and both rears hit at the same time, so it’s not like the wheels are offset from each other in regards to their own axle.

Guess I’m gonna be underneath the car again tonight…


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