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Another one bites the dust

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Tires, that is.

The Kumhos that were on the rear rims were finally wore down to the cords and were fap, fap, fapping on the pavement, so another pair of tires were in order.

Well, I had gotten a pair of old Nittos from an acquaintance that still had some meat on them, but they are pretty old and were hard. Not dry rotted, but not soft like new tires.

Anyway, these were the same size as the Kumhos that hajust given up their ghost, so I brought them to the shop to get mounted.

These fuckers were wide as hell! In fact, they were so wide that they covered the lips of the rims! When I put them on the car and lowered the car on the ground, I heard rubber on metal rubbing sound.


So I tried to back the car out of the garage, and immediately it was like I had my ebrake still somewhat engaged or something, and as I drove down the street I could see smoke trails coming out of the fender lips.


I tried to just let it ride out with the Zilvia mantra of “just let the sidewalks rub off the letters on the fenders”, but shit, it was smelling like I was doing a burn out going down the street, so I pulled a u turn and pulled back into the garage.

Fenders were too hot to touch, and the letters on the sidewalls were still intact.


Anyway, I ended up pulling the fenders some more so these tires wouldn’t rub anymore, but then another problem came up: one of the tires started to lose pressure and was not holding air.

That brings us up to today.

I finally had to suck it up and get the brand new FK452s in 235/40/18s mounted on the rims, and that’s what the pic is of.

Car is lower due to the shorter sidewalls, and the rims’ lips are now closer to the fenders too. Car looks pretty sick now.

I hope to have a few pics of the car during the day tomorrow.

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