Rubbing Is Racing……… NOT!!!

So after everything, my left front tire was still rubbing on that giant grommet that the main chassis harness is encased in on the driver side (US Spec 240sx) firewall.  I made a cheap shield for the grommet and harness out of a cut up piece of aluminum can and attached it to the harness part via a couple of zipties.  The shield worked, but I didn’t like the fact that even turning my wheel all the way to the left on the driveway will result in my tire rubbing on that shield.

In comes the real solution.

I’ve already read this post that was very well typed up on from a member called UpSlideDown, but I went back and re-read it, and somehow, this time around it seemed a lot more manageable and easy to do.

I started off by pushing the grommet into the cabin, instead of pulling it out into the wheel well.  This gave me space to work with, plus the grommet will act as a sort of stopper to stop the wiring from moving in/out.  As you can see in the picture, I went ahead and banged the firewall in around the grommet hole to give myself a little more room for the tire, as well as banged in the seam next to that hole.  I only did it up there because the tire is nowhere near it towards the bottom, and I’m just saving energy by not going to town on that part, at least for now.

Then I moved on and cut out a piece of metal mesh to form it into the skeleton of the panel that I will create to cover up that big ass hole left in the firewall.  I walked all around Home Depot and couldn’t find anything suitable, until I stumbled upon their building material section all the way on the end of the building, by all the wood panels and beams and stuff.  It was in the back, and it was in the form of GUTTER COVERS.  It was $2.xx, less than $3 after sales tax was added.  It has more than enough material on there to form a few panels, just in case you fuck up your first try, or your second try, etc.

After that, it’s time to boogey.

It comes in a tube, and it’s wrapped in a clear piece of plastic, and the ends have stickers on them to I guess cover the inside material of this epoxy. But basically, the outside is a lighter grey substance, and the core of this stick of epoxy is a darker grey substance.  When you mix the two, the chemical reaction happens and the stuff turns really soft and pliable, but only for about 5 minutes before it starts to harden.  Once it hardens it turns into a hard, steel reinforced, plastic feeling material that can be sanded, drilled, and painted.  It helps to have  a bucket of water next to you to dip your hands in prior to working with this stuff, as it will be tacky and sticky without the water, and it won’t be as easy to knead it.  Working on small piece one at a time helps too.  I took a razor blade and just chopped it into manageable slices first, then worked with each individually.

This is what the panel looked like 15 minutes later.

Here is how they would fit on the car once installed.

I could have just put the mesh up against the firewall and just started pushing the epoxy through the mesh as I covered the mesh, but that would have permanently attached the panel to the firewall, and if I had to take the harness out one day, I’d have to cut that panel out with a saw, and probably damage the harness as I do so.

What I plan on doing is, get some of that grey RTV sealant and form a gasket behind the panel so that when I put it on, it will prevent water from going into that grommet hole via gaps in the panel.  And to attach the panel to the firewall, I plan on drilling 4 holes and just using some short stainless steel self tapping screws to secure the panel onto the firewall.

That leaves 2 more gaps, 1) the gap between the harness and the newly formed panel, and 2) the harness and the original firewall grommet hole.

The gap between the harness and the newly formed panel could be fixed via the RTV sealant, and the gap between the firewall and the harness could be fixed with either more RTV sealant, or some clear silicone window chalking sealant stuffs.  No big deal.


2 Responses to “Rubbing Is Racing……… NOT!!!”

  1. yo man whats your specs and the kit? thanks

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