Did work

Sat in the wheel well area and contemplated on how to seal up the gap between the panel I made to cover up the grommet hole on the driver side firewall and the hole itself for like an hour, then I realized that I had better just cut some holes on the panel and then do a mock up of the panel being mounted first to get an idea of where the holes are.

That worked out much better cause I could see where the sealant line needed to be in my head better and I went to work.

First I marked on the panel where I wanted to drill the holes for the plastic screw in rivets with it placed in the position where I wanted it to be, then I took the 3/16 cobalt drill bit and drilled through the now cured J-B Stik, then make another mark on the firewall via a sharpie pen so I can take the panel off to work on the firewall separately.

The cobalt bit that I bought has a pilot hole feature to make sure the bit doesn’t start walking on you, and it helped tremendously on keeping the holes lined up on both the panel and the firewall. After the initial holes were drilled, I had to take my step drill and open up the holes to 5/16 for those screw in rivets. YMMV.

After that, it was time to goop on the blue rtv sealant.

I put the sealant on the firewall, that way I can get the bead of sealant exactly where I wanted it, instead of “I think I got it.” I did put some rtv on the back side of the panel though, where the panel ends and the gap between the old rubber grommet started.

Once the panel was put up there, I installed the screw in rivets to secure the panel and then went to work on sealing up the gaps between the harness/grommet and the firewall, as well as the other gaps between the panel and the harness/grommet. Not much to inform here, other than to tell you guys to make sure you get some sealant on every gap, and to use a good light source to light your working area so you can see the gaps better.

Here is the finished product. It was getting cooler out yesterday when I did this, and today is quite cool out, so it’s going to take more than 24 hours for the rtv to fully cure.

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