Slicing and dicing



So it was time to replace my old EDC (every day carry) knife, which was a CRKT M16-12LE that is no longer available.  It was a good knife, and it has served it’s purpose, but between me being a complete n00b at sharpening knives and not knowing how to do it properly, and professionals that work at a cutlery shop that actually sells the knives not knowing how to properly sharpen it, the profile on the cutting edge of the blade is pretty messed up, and at this point I doubt I can bring it back to a decent enough profile and get it razor sharp anymore.

In comes the new knife: the Spyderco Tenacious.

Despite being a bigger knife overall, the Tenacious manages to be both slimmer in overall width, and being lighter.  The blade on the Tenacious is slightly longer than the M16’s, but it is also wider.  The blade on the Tenacious is a tiny bit less thick than the M16’s as well.  The Tenacious has a full flat ground blade that was coated in black, and it came from the factory razor sharp.  As in, paper shaving sharp.  It was so sharp, in fact, that I just ran my thumb over the edge and cut myself deep enough to bleed.

The blade material on the Tenacious is the Chinese 8cr13mov steel, which is somewhat comparable to the Japanese AUS 8 steel, which the M16 has.

The handle on the Tenacious is G10, and it has a mild texturing on it to maximize grip but without being overly aggressive, which is a good thing since that means I won’t scratch the hell out of my hand when I stick my hand in my pocket.  In comparison, the thumb studs on the M16’s blade has very aggressive texture on it, which scratches my hand when I stick my hand in my pocket.



As for blade deployment, the Tenacious is pretty quick, despite not having any flippers or any spring assist.  I can flip it out via the thumb hole pretty damn quick by actually sticking my thumb into the thumb hole, and using my nail to flick it.  I can actually flip it out without using a wrist flick.

So why is there a ziptie on my knife?  The ziptie is a mod that I’ve seen a few folks have done to facilitate the wave opening for a number of models of Spyderco knives.  And it is possible to do it with this knife because the pocket clip can be placed in 1 of 4 positions, and one of them would be the tip up carry on the right side pocket.  With the knife in that position in the pocket, what you do is when you pull the knife out of your pocket, you would use the ziptie to catch the corner of your pocket, and as it catches the corner of the pocket, it will in turn pull the blade out.  Do it in a single swift motion and it will look like you were carrying the knife in your pocket with the blade out the whole time!

Overall, I like this knife a lot.  It has taken over the EDC knife role from the M16, and I am very happy with its performance so far.  And the best part is?  I got it off of eBay for $35 shipped!


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