240 update

Just a quick car update to the 3 people that actually read this blog.

  • Wastegate still isn’t regulating boost pressure to 7psi to redline, it’s spiking to about 8 or 9 still, so I need to bend the actuation arm up some for it to be in a better angle.  That should fix it.
  • The clutch is dead.  Yes.  The SPEC Stage 3 clutch bought and installed from 2002 is finally dead.  Hitting 5psi in 2nd gear and then all of a sudden the engine just free revs.  Shift into 3rd to confirm, boom, does it again.  And now I only have about a half an inch of pedal between clutch take up and fully engaged.  All points to the clutch being dead.  Will be interesting to see just how little of the pads are left on the clutch once it’s out.
  • I have sanded down the semi rusty hood and used the rust reform type primer on it to seal the metal from getting rusty again, then used filler primer on top of that to fill in some scratched spots on there, and I am currently in the process of repainting it, so hopefully the car will be all one color here soon.  Don’t have too high of hopes though, this isn’t going to be some professional paint job, nor will it be flashy, or shiny.

So that’s it, a quick update to you guys about what’s going on with the car.


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