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The “Long Post” That Isn’t Long, Finally Here!

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So I was gonna do a write up about the clutch + flywheel install on my car, but there are many out there, and to be honest I don’t feel like doing a write up, which is why it took so long for the “long post” that never happened.

Anyway, out came the old OEM flywheel and the SPEC Stage 3 6-puck clutch from circa 2003, and the new Exedy chromoly flywheel and Exedy Stage 2 clutch went on.

Hands down, the Exedy Stage 2 feels better than the SPEC in every single way. I will never buy another SPEC clutch again.


The smaller white ones!!!

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Welp. South Park was right. There are the smaller white ones up top and the bigger black ones on the bottom.

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I wish I was a baller.

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Was reading the local forums this morning, and a particular comment was directed at me. Normally, these types of comments don’t phase me, or bother me in the least bit, but after reading the comment this morning, it made me take a step back and think.

In the last year… close to two years now, I have picked up a lot of other hobbies and pass-times that I have come to enjoy quite a bit, as the car was down and money was tight to get it back on the road.

With that said, I do have to say, the fire and drive that was under my ass to keep putting money and effort into the car has finally seemed to have fizzled to just a smoldering pile of ash.

I was never one to just do things half-assed, so I never would have went out to drift events with the car running at less than stellar conditions, and I am not about to do it now, but with the way the “scene” is nowadays, that seem to be considered a “douche” move.

Yes, apparently, I am a douche.

I’m sorry, but tires or whatever rubbing constantly, is not cool, is not functional, and is stupid. However, if nothing rubbed, then it sucks. Well, for the most part, nothing rubs on my car, I must be doing something wrong.

I’m also not going to dumpster dive and get some tires that will last 2 seconds out on the track, nor am I going to throw some stock S14 SE wheels on my car just to go out there and drift, because my car does not have 16″ sunken as fuck wheels on it every day. I’m not going to make my car look like a bag of wet dicks just to slide around.

I have standards, but apparently these standards make me a douche.

So no, I don’t think I have the time, energy, or money to keep putting into my car and keep getting shit on.

Seriously thinking about just parting out the car, taking the money and putting it down on a diesel 4×4 truck and buying a badass bow so I can go hunting and have a decent pile of money in my bank account instead.

Epic Lawls

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Saw this from the AOTS from yesterday, watched the whole thing, and lawled my ass off.

I don’t care.

Game On

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Been watching the series called The Guild, which is about a bunch of WoW players that met up in real life, and how they live their lives both in game and in real life.  It’s really funny, and it’s even more funny for me, since I have friends that are really into WoW and talk like these guys  lol

Anyway, they did a music video and it’s actually kinda cool and funny.  Check it out.

Gettin old…

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on May 26, 2010 by sosideways

Got this for my birthday so the car had been on hold for a second lol

Boom headshot!

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There’s gonna be a lot more of those hopefully, with this new mouse and all.

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