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240sx Suspension Update

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So after months of driving around with 7 degrees of camber (according to the angle finder) in the rear of the car, and recently experiencing basically no traction at 7psi with my turbo, I felt that it was time to rectify the situation.

On Wednesday evening, after work, I decided that it was time to shorten the rear lower control arms (RLCA) and get that camber in check.  Also had to dial the toe arms back since the RLCAs were extended an inch or so.

As I shortened the RLCAs’ adjusters, the adjusters started off from being kinda hard to turn, to fully relaxed by the time I got the adjuster fully bottomed out.  I guess the suspension was actually binding at that point.

In any case, I didn’t have time to mess with ride height or wheel fitment or anything of the sort.  I literally shortened the RLCA adjusters, got the toe to be within the ball park by performing the “rolling test” and that was it.  My “rolling test” consist of rolling the car back like 10 feet or so, then pushing it back forward another 10 feet or so.  Not only will that help your wheels/suspension get into place after an adjustment, it also can tell you if your toe is way off, or at least close enough to not cause the tires to be working against each other with toe in or toe out.

Resulting drive afterwards yielded a much more compliant rear suspension on the bigger bumps, but the smaller bumps and slight waves in the road still yielded a quite bouncing ride from the car.

Oh, after fixing the rear suspension bits, I did take a couple minutes to push my front struts mounts all the way inward on the camber plates.  I have been meaning to fix this for a long time, but since I was already working on the car last night, I felt that an extra couple minutes couldn’t hurt.  Basically, I had to do this because my SAI from before was causing very heavy steering, most likely due to my very large positive scrub radius.

For those who don’t know, let me try to explain real quick.  There is an imaginary line that starts from the top strut mount point that intersects the center of the ball joint on the front lower control arm (on a MacPhereson Strut suspension)  and continue to point downward, and if this line lands inside the center line of the contact patch on your front tire, it is said to have positive scrub radius.  If the line lands on the outside of the center line of the contact patch, then it is said to have negative scrub radius.

As my wheels got wider and the offset lower, the center line of the tires’ contact patches moved outward, thus the need to move the top of the strut mount points inward had to be done to keep the scrub radius in check.

Anyway, the results of the change was that, steering efforts was lessened (steering wheel easier to turn), steering wheel self centering was a little easier/smoother, and small bumps/dips/waves on the road don’t jerk the steering wheel as much.  Also, bumps don’t cause the steering to jerk either, even though it wasn’t doing it before from bumpsteer correction.

All in all, good changes, and hopefully this weekend I will have more time to dial in the fine details.


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Took some pics today at the local car club BBQ, which took place in front of a speed shop since part of the BBQ involved dynoing cars.

There were a few clouds but it was in the 80s today and it was quite hot when there was no cloud cover. Beautiful day otherwise.

Another one bites the dust

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Tires, that is.

The Kumhos that were on the rear rims were finally wore down to the cords and were fap, fap, fapping on the pavement, so another pair of tires were in order.

Well, I had gotten a pair of old Nittos from an acquaintance that still had some meat on them, but they are pretty old and were hard. Not dry rotted, but not soft like new tires.

Anyway, these were the same size as the Kumhos that hajust given up their ghost, so I brought them to the shop to get mounted.

These fuckers were wide as hell! In fact, they were so wide that they covered the lips of the rims! When I put them on the car and lowered the car on the ground, I heard rubber on metal rubbing sound.


So I tried to back the car out of the garage, and immediately it was like I had my ebrake still somewhat engaged or something, and as I drove down the street I could see smoke trails coming out of the fender lips.


I tried to just let it ride out with the Zilvia mantra of “just let the sidewalks rub off the letters on the fenders”, but shit, it was smelling like I was doing a burn out going down the street, so I pulled a u turn and pulled back into the garage.

Fenders were too hot to touch, and the letters on the sidewalls were still intact.


Anyway, I ended up pulling the fenders some more so these tires wouldn’t rub anymore, but then another problem came up: one of the tires started to lose pressure and was not holding air.

That brings us up to today.

I finally had to suck it up and get the brand new FK452s in 235/40/18s mounted on the rims, and that’s what the pic is of.

Car is lower due to the shorter sidewalls, and the rims’ lips are now closer to the fenders too. Car looks pretty sick now.

I hope to have a few pics of the car during the day tomorrow.

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