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Inforce APL Initial Review

Posted in Guns with tags , , , , , , on January 18, 2013 by sosideways

For a video review of this light instead of reading through this novel, you can click on this link to watch my review on youtube.

Having a handgun or pistol for home defense is a good idea, but when the sun goes down and the lights go out in the house, the danger is still ever present. What do you do if there was a bump in the night, and your dog(s) start barking? You go check out the source of the noise with the trusty pistol of your choice and you navigate throughout your home with no problems because you’re familiar with the house’s layouts. You have no issues moving around because of the ambient lights from the different electronics around the house, as well as the night lights in the hallway.

But who is that in the hallway?

Is that an intruder that had just broke into the house and is about to burglarize the place?

Or is that a family member that had simply stayed out till the wee hours in the morning again, drunk, knocking everything over while staggering about, trying to make it back to their bedroom?

All these thoughts are going through your mind, and you wished you had a flashlight so you could figure out who it was that is in your house, but you don’t have one, so you do the next best thing and you call out to the person.

“Hey, is that you down there Jimmy?”

The next thing you hear is BANG. And another one, and another one.

Wish you had that flashlight now, don’t cha? Continue reading

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