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Another one?!

Posted in Cars with tags , , , , , , on October 11, 2012 by sosideways

Another super clean S13 with VS-KFs from Scs13 on Motivatiooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my…

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This car actually makes me want to work on my car a little more to get it looking good and performing good again.


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My buddy Patrick Goodin‘s Formula D pro car.  Check him out on his Facebook.

Did work

Posted in Cars with tags , , , , , , on February 12, 2012 by sosideways

Sat in the wheel well area and contemplated on how to seal up the gap between the panel I made to cover up the grommet hole on the driver side firewall and the hole itself for like an hour, then I realized that I had better just cut some holes on the panel and then do a mock up of the panel being mounted first to get an idea of where the holes are.

That worked out much better cause I could see where the sealant line needed to be in my head better and I went to work.

First I marked on the panel where I wanted to drill the holes for the plastic screw in rivets with it placed in the position where I wanted it to be, then I took the 3/16 cobalt drill bit and drilled through the now cured J-B Stik, then make another mark on the firewall via a sharpie pen so I can take the panel off to work on the firewall separately.

The cobalt bit that I bought has a pilot hole feature to make sure the bit doesn’t start walking on you, and it helped tremendously on keeping the holes lined up on both the panel and the firewall. After the initial holes were drilled, I had to take my step drill and open up the holes to 5/16 for those screw in rivets. YMMV.

After that, it was time to goop on the blue rtv sealant.

I put the sealant on the firewall, that way I can get the bead of sealant exactly where I wanted it, instead of “I think I got it.” I did put some rtv on the back side of the panel though, where the panel ends and the gap between the old rubber grommet started.

Once the panel was put up there, I installed the screw in rivets to secure the panel and then went to work on sealing up the gaps between the harness/grommet and the firewall, as well as the other gaps between the panel and the harness/grommet. Not much to inform here, other than to tell you guys to make sure you get some sealant on every gap, and to use a good light source to light your working area so you can see the gaps better.

Here is the finished product. It was getting cooler out yesterday when I did this, and today is quite cool out, so it’s going to take more than 24 hours for the rtv to fully cure.

Houston, we have a problem….

Posted in Cars with tags , , , , , , , , , , on May 19, 2010 by sosideways

I figured out what the problem was.

It wasn’t because the spacers on the FLCAs binding on the bearing cup, it was because of how long the stock knuckles’ steering arms are, and the problem was compounded by the long spacing from the tie rod ends.

Basically, to push the knuckles OUT to turn the wheel into the wheel well (picture the passenger side suspension when you turn the steering wheel to the left), the tie rod has to push the steering arm on the knuckle out and BACK.  That’s right, BACK, because that arm is bent inwards stock, when you push it out, it goes through an arc that brings it back as well.

Here are a couple of pics to show you what I’m talking about.

Here are some pics of the other side.  Notice how much more angle this side has due to the bend in the stock knuckles’s steering arms already.

The rod end is actually getting caught up on that bracket on the FLCA where the end link would bolt up to.  I am going to try to put the brackets that come with the FLCAs that were supposed to be used as the steering stoppers on there, that way maybe the rod end will hit that bracket and then just slide over the the end link bracket, allowing me to get that last half an inch of space between the tie rod and the rack.

Yes, the tie rods aren’t even bottomed out on the rack yet.

Hopefully, someone can help me out with how to figure this out, because I really really REALLY need to get my car back on the road, and this is preventing me from buttoning everything back up in the front there…

Project TwoForty – Front Suspension 99% Complete

Posted in Cars with tags , , , , , , , on May 7, 2010 by sosideways

So I went ahead and bought these guys from the PBM guys.

They’re 1mm thicker than the Tein ones, thus they will provide a little more angle for the drifters.  Teins in the front, PBM ones in the back.

Here’s how everything is on the car during the test fit.

The rod end wasn’t close to straight up and down on the tie rod end when it was screwed all the way in, so I ended up moving it out a little bit.  Nothing is tightened to spec yet, as this was just a test fitting session.

And here’s a picture to show how things look on a “stupid ricer fanboi drift lololololol kiddie”‘s car.

The ride height is basically with 215/40/17 tires out front, with the very top of the tire at the fenders, no fender gap.

I will be switching to 2350/40/17s later on this year once my bank account has had a few to recover from the tie rod end adventures and the slew of parts I had to buy to get the car back on the road, so the ride height will be increased a little bit from there as well.

That is with 2″ spacing between the FLCAs and knuckles and 2″ of spacing between the tie rod ends and knuckles.

Rim tuck – not me

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Nigel from Engineered to Slide put this up on his blog the other day.


Left side

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My debit card got denied access to the space between the fender and the lip of the rim.

No debit card fisting…  damnit!

And no, the lip isn’t hitting the fender.  There’s a microscopic clearance between the lip and the fender, and nothing’s actually rubbing there.

Too bad I won’t be able to ride like that, as I still have gooey stock bushings in the subframe, lower control arms, and the rear knuckles, so I’ll need a little more clearance between the lip and fender so that if things shift, I’d have some wiggle room.

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