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Another one?!

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Another super clean S13 with VS-KFs from Scs13 on Motivatiooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

240sx Suspension Update

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So after months of driving around with 7 degrees of camber (according to the angle finder) in the rear of the car, and recently experiencing basically no traction at 7psi with my turbo, I felt that it was time to rectify the situation.

On Wednesday evening, after work, I decided that it was time to shorten the rear lower control arms (RLCA) and get that camber in check.  Also had to dial the toe arms back since the RLCAs were extended an inch or so.

As I shortened the RLCAs’ adjusters, the adjusters started off from being kinda hard to turn, to fully relaxed by the time I got the adjuster fully bottomed out.  I guess the suspension was actually binding at that point.

In any case, I didn’t have time to mess with ride height or wheel fitment or anything of the sort.  I literally shortened the RLCA adjusters, got the toe to be within the ball park by performing the “rolling test” and that was it.  My “rolling test” consist of rolling the car back like 10 feet or so, then pushing it back forward another 10 feet or so.  Not only will that help your wheels/suspension get into place after an adjustment, it also can tell you if your toe is way off, or at least close enough to not cause the tires to be working against each other with toe in or toe out.

Resulting drive afterwards yielded a much more compliant rear suspension on the bigger bumps, but the smaller bumps and slight waves in the road still yielded a quite bouncing ride from the car.

Oh, after fixing the rear suspension bits, I did take a couple minutes to push my front struts mounts all the way inward on the camber plates.  I have been meaning to fix this for a long time, but since I was already working on the car last night, I felt that an extra couple minutes couldn’t hurt.  Basically, I had to do this because my SAI from before was causing very heavy steering, most likely due to my very large positive scrub radius.

For those who don’t know, let me try to explain real quick.  There is an imaginary line that starts from the top strut mount point that intersects the center of the ball joint on the front lower control arm (on a MacPhereson Strut suspension)  and continue to point downward, and if this line lands inside the center line of the contact patch on your front tire, it is said to have positive scrub radius.  If the line lands on the outside of the center line of the contact patch, then it is said to have negative scrub radius.

As my wheels got wider and the offset lower, the center line of the tires’ contact patches moved outward, thus the need to move the top of the strut mount points inward had to be done to keep the scrub radius in check.

Anyway, the results of the change was that, steering efforts was lessened (steering wheel easier to turn), steering wheel self centering was a little easier/smoother, and small bumps/dips/waves on the road don’t jerk the steering wheel as much.  Also, bumps don’t cause the steering to jerk either, even though it wasn’t doing it before from bumpsteer correction.

All in all, good changes, and hopefully this weekend I will have more time to dial in the fine details.

Driver’s side front – DONE!

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Finally got the driver’s side front put back together! The only issue was that I hadn’t taken into account the rotor rubbing on the FLCA when it turns, so I didn’t grind any of it off on the sides. Oh well, it’ll just have to clearance itself when I’m driving.

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Houston, we have a problem….

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I figured out what the problem was.

It wasn’t because the spacers on the FLCAs binding on the bearing cup, it was because of how long the stock knuckles’ steering arms are, and the problem was compounded by the long spacing from the tie rod ends.

Basically, to push the knuckles OUT to turn the wheel into the wheel well (picture the passenger side suspension when you turn the steering wheel to the left), the tie rod has to push the steering arm on the knuckle out and BACK.  That’s right, BACK, because that arm is bent inwards stock, when you push it out, it goes through an arc that brings it back as well.

Here are a couple of pics to show you what I’m talking about.

Here are some pics of the other side.  Notice how much more angle this side has due to the bend in the stock knuckles’s steering arms already.

The rod end is actually getting caught up on that bracket on the FLCA where the end link would bolt up to.  I am going to try to put the brackets that come with the FLCAs that were supposed to be used as the steering stoppers on there, that way maybe the rod end will hit that bracket and then just slide over the the end link bracket, allowing me to get that last half an inch of space between the tie rod and the rack.

Yes, the tie rods aren’t even bottomed out on the rack yet.

Hopefully, someone can help me out with how to figure this out, because I really really REALLY need to get my car back on the road, and this is preventing me from buttoning everything back up in the front there…

Project TwoForty – Front Suspension 99% Complete

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So I went ahead and bought these guys from the PBM guys.

They’re 1mm thicker than the Tein ones, thus they will provide a little more angle for the drifters.  Teins in the front, PBM ones in the back.

Here’s how everything is on the car during the test fit.

The rod end wasn’t close to straight up and down on the tie rod end when it was screwed all the way in, so I ended up moving it out a little bit.  Nothing is tightened to spec yet, as this was just a test fitting session.

And here’s a picture to show how things look on a “stupid ricer fanboi drift lololololol kiddie”‘s car.

The ride height is basically with 215/40/17 tires out front, with the very top of the tire at the fenders, no fender gap.

I will be switching to 2350/40/17s later on this year once my bank account has had a few to recover from the tie rod end adventures and the slew of parts I had to buy to get the car back on the road, so the ride height will be increased a little bit from there as well.

That is with 2″ spacing between the FLCAs and knuckles and 2″ of spacing between the tie rod ends and knuckles.

She’s a stunner…

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Member kuruptR from Zilvia put this video up in his thread on there, so I thought I’d share this with the few of you that checks my blog.

❤ this car…

JDM GVS Kouki 180sx – Lazy Sunday from Light & Logic Motion Pictures on Vimeo.

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