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Tonight I switched out the 7k springs on the rear coilovers to the 6k springs, as well as rolled and pulled the rear part of the rear fender arches a little to avoid further rubbing under compression.

I also made sure to lengthen the coilovers a litle bit to account for the softer springs on there and still ended up lowering the rear some more.

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Robin Hood, I ain’t

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So I have been introduced to archery by my lovely wife, and after shooting her bow a few times, it was clear that I needed my own bow, because her bow is not set up for me, and thus I was very uncomfortable shooting it.

Yesterday I finally put a downpayment on my very own bow.


The 2011 Bowtech Assassin.

Here’s what it kinda looks like (not the exact bow I have, but it pretty much looks 100% like that).

I shot it a few times, and after settling down and actually tried to aim before I shot, I was able to put all 3 arrows (all the shop had for me to shoot at the time) in a tight grouping, good enough for the shop tech to pull out all three arrows with one hand.

All that needs to be done now is for him to set the sight for me, and the bow would be 100% ready!!!


Public Service Announcement

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Although I didn’t really have problems with this company, CHASER AERO, they have screwed over a good friend of mine, and I am going to help him spread the word of DON’T BUY FROM CHASER AERO.

Check out his blog here.

You’re a tiger baby!

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My friend Steven took these pics for me yesterday.  You guys can check out his flickr page here.












Actually, I think shot #8 was taken by my wife, who grabbed the camera from Steven and then took a few shots of her own  lol

Time Capsule

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I’ve been looking for this issue of Super Street for the past…  3 years?  I knew I still had it, just didn’t know where it was.

Turns out it was in our storage unit, and since we had to clear it out, we went in there, and even under the circumstances in which this magazine, along with a few others, were subjected to, I was going to keep them, no matter what.

So here are a couple of “smaller” versions of the high res scans that I did, because either I suck at google searches or for whatever reason, this car only exists on the interwebz in small as hell 300×200 blurry pics.  If I am not crazy though, these will be the FIRST HIGH RES SCANS OF THIS ARTICLE AND THIS CAR.

What’s the big deal you ask?  Well, this is the car that finally got me to say “yes” to the 240sx and then doing the SR swap myself, along with all the Option videos that I had been watching non-stop, and also Initial D seasons 1 and 2.

Komatsu 1580, as we called it back in the day.  I jump in it.


I wish I was a baller.

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Was reading the local forums this morning, and a particular comment was directed at me. Normally, these types of comments don’t phase me, or bother me in the least bit, but after reading the comment this morning, it made me take a step back and think.

In the last year… close to two years now, I have picked up a lot of other hobbies and pass-times that I have come to enjoy quite a bit, as the car was down and money was tight to get it back on the road.

With that said, I do have to say, the fire and drive that was under my ass to keep putting money and effort into the car has finally seemed to have fizzled to just a smoldering pile of ash.

I was never one to just do things half-assed, so I never would have went out to drift events with the car running at less than stellar conditions, and I am not about to do it now, but with the way the “scene” is nowadays, that seem to be considered a “douche” move.

Yes, apparently, I am a douche.

I’m sorry, but tires or whatever rubbing constantly, is not cool, is not functional, and is stupid. However, if nothing rubbed, then it sucks. Well, for the most part, nothing rubs on my car, I must be doing something wrong.

I’m also not going to dumpster dive and get some tires that will last 2 seconds out on the track, nor am I going to throw some stock S14 SE wheels on my car just to go out there and drift, because my car does not have 16″ sunken as fuck wheels on it every day. I’m not going to make my car look like a bag of wet dicks just to slide around.

I have standards, but apparently these standards make me a douche.

So no, I don’t think I have the time, energy, or money to keep putting into my car and keep getting shit on.

Seriously thinking about just parting out the car, taking the money and putting it down on a diesel 4×4 truck and buying a badass bow so I can go hunting and have a decent pile of money in my bank account instead.

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